Art Direction: Paul Sheriff

Kabbalah is a show concept for Cirque Du Soliel based off of the mystical aspect of Kabbalah. Conceptually this project combines the ideas of Kabbalah with the imagery
of Cirque Du Soliel, which is mind-blowing movement and dance, music and performance. I researched and referenced Middle Eastern patterning and architecture for inspiration for this piece. This project as a whole consists of a tri-fold, tickets, DVD, water bottle, bag and a t-shirt. The bag and tri-fold feature a di-cut opening referencing Middle Eastern visuals. I kept the colors warm and used complimentary colors to create a humble pop when the tri-fold is opened. I combined flat color and intricate decorative borders with imagery from Cirque Du Soliel to create an experience that is truly reminiscent of a Cirque Du Soliel show.